Testing in Ibiza

Mallorca's test rate is currently averaging around seven per cent.


Saturday information from the Balearic government indicates 233 new positive cases of coronavirus with a positivity test rate of 6.76%. On Friday, there were 299 cases with a test rate of 7.68%.

Of the 233 cases, 127 are in Mallorca, 74 are in Minorca and eight are in Ibiza. There are 24 other cases which relate to people not resident in the Balearics.

There are 48 Covid patients on hospital wards, five fewer than Friday - 36 Mallorca, six Minorca, six Ibiza. In intensive care, there are eight patients in Mallorca, three in Ibiza and one Minorca. Only Ibiza shows a change; there were four ICU patients on Friday.

The seven-day positivity test rate for Mallorca has gone up from 5.58% to 7.1%.

Information over the weekend is not as comprehensive as on other days.


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John Law / Hace 7 months

Is there anybody surprised at this crazy repeat of last years ill-judged premature reopening to tourists. We can't have tourists here until we're all vaccinated, as easy as that. Armengol is entirely to blame for getting inti bed with the hoteliers. If this results in more severe restrictions again like last year there will be mass refusal to comply, and there will anaechy on the streets. This woman has got to be sent back to Catalunia fast...