Playa de Palma, Mallorca.

Playa de Palma, Mallorca.

06-07-2021Emilio Queirolo

Palma City Council is launching a three-pronged initiative to stamp out excessive drinking in Palma.

The first plan is designed to limit the use of terrace spaces at bars and restaurants in some of the most conflictive areas of the city.

“The target areas are La Llonja, Santa Catalina and Playa de Palma, where there are more premises,” explained Citizen Participation Councillor, Alberto Jarabo.

As predicted some people are getting a little bit carried away with their new found freedom.

The Federació d'Associacions de Veïns de Palma, or FAAVV recently complained about the situation that’s emerged since the end of the State of Alarm and claimed that some bar and restaurant owners are just doing whatever they want.

“We already knew that the situation would be complicated this summer and now we are seeing that there are excesses,” Councillor Jarabo acknowledged at the time. "Many more sanctions are being lifted in this regard than before the summer, by the Local Police and Government Inspectors, he added. "The key is civility.”

Full details of the three plans will be announced on Friday.


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Dave Smith / Hace 7 months

Why not turn it into a complete police state. There are already too many laws and restrictions we are citizens not subjects. If people want to get drunk that is their business, what did you expect to happen after the year these young people have had?


Tom / Hace 7 months

How can anyone state they already knew it would be problematic but opened all and everything within 4 weeks time simply to make money ! and then say they are addressing the situation now with actually very feeble actions that are useless and just for publicity show to hpe to avoid amber list and mass exodus of all tourists here that could become a real reality sooner than most think looking at current numbers. Classic government failure, lack of prudence and caution and plain greed with stupidity. No doubt the Germans will pull the plug on Mallorca before the British do as its clear now the British government is fine to take risks with its own people and can live with 100.000 plus newly infected people a day and the related deaths no matter how many there will be or are as announced today.