Marriage annulled. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

A Palma Court has annulled a marriage that took place in Sineu in 2018, because the bride only went through with the wedding for money.

The court heard that the wife lived 65 kilometres away, saw her husband once a week and knew nothing about his health situation.

"The wife's consent was not aimed at creating a community of life with her husband,” said the judge.

The husband is a middle-aged man with a disability and the lawsuit against the marriage was filed by his brother-in-law, who takes care of his interests.

The man turned his back on his family and married the woman against the advice of others, arguing that the relationship was real.

They appealed the first court judgment, but their relationship was suspected because they had never dated and the woman knew that her husband had money.

The wedding took place in a relatively distant location, without the knowledge of the husband’s family, with the wife’s employee and son as witnesses and no guests.

"It is especially relevant, in the opinion of this court, the fact that the spouses do not reside together." She lives in a town 65 kilometres from her husband's residence and only visits him once a week on Sundays,” said the magistrate.

The woman does not care for her husband's health, doesn’t know what medication he is taking and does not accompany him to medical visits.

"In no other way has she been involved in the life of her husband who needs special care,” added the magistrate.