Jet2 travel statements.

Jet2 travel statement.

15-05-2005ULTIMA HORA

Quarantine-free travel update: Comment from Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays after Balearics placed on amber list.

“If customers have been fully vaccinated, Wednesday´s announcement changes nothing

“It is still unfair that hardworking customers and families continue to be judged by a
different and stricter set of rules when it comes to taking their well-deserved

If customers have been fully vaccinated, Wednesday’s announcement changes nothing whatsoever. These customers (and children travelling with them who are under 18) can continue to enjoy, or look forward to enjoying, quarantine-free flights and holidays from across the UK to any destination on the Green or Amber List this summer. From the demand we are seeing this is most certainly the case, with customers looking to enjoy the benefits of the successful vaccination programme by getting away to the sunshine.

"That said, as restrictions across the UK continue to be eased and ‘VIPs’ travel carteblanche, it is still unfair that hardworking customers and families continue to be judged by a different and stricter set of rules when it comes to taking their well-deserved holidays. Travel is not, and should not be, the preserve of the wealthy and powerful.

"It is frustrating that decisions continue to be made about international travel whilst the criteria for these decisions are withheld from us. Once again, we call on Governments to be
transparent, both with the data and their parameters for making decisions.

"Any customers who have not been fully-vaccinated and who are due to travel up to and including 11th August 2021 to any destination that is currently on the Amber List can cancel their booking with a full refund or amend their booking fee-free.

"The UK Government has committed to reviewing its Traffic Light status of overseas
destinations every three weeks. We will continue to review our programme and policies in
line with that timetable and we will continue to make considered decisions in the best
interests of our customers and independent travel agency partners. We have been
repeatedly recognised for that approach throughout the pandemic, and we will continue to do this.


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John / Hace 6 months

Reading all these comments and most have hit the nail on the head..I believe it's never been so hard to plan and enjoy a holiday in these times. We are all tired, stressed and fed up of having covid,rammed down our throats every day. This was not the year for holidays.


Andrew / Hace 6 months

The government to be transparent and honest!!!! Good luck with that.......


Tom / Hace 6 months

Of the 117 people that died of covid last week 50 where vaccinated ! While the public worties about holidays , costs and travel difficulties etc which are petty considering the real big issue is Spain and the UK are hurteling back fast to huge covid numbers with goverments taking gambles on vaccination levels that are still far to low purely for political and self serving economic reasons ! If this was a global ebola pandemic would you all still want to be thinking about holidays and travel ! Doubt it ! But because its invisble people are just impatient and reckless and there will be a price to pay for that !


Rich / Hace 6 months

James w. A good point, why aren't we given a breakdown of the figures? I can only think of 2 reasons. 1. The government assess the population as being too stupid too understand the statistics, or 2. The figures don't show what the government want them to show, ie the real efficacy of the vaccine. The whole covid situation is rife with intrigue and keeping the populations under control, it's pretty scary.


Tony / Hace 6 months

Comments like Fred’s are only made by fools it’s not the fact people can’t afford the tests why should they , the Uk gives them out like confetti and they are exactly the same as the ones you pay for and I know my wife’s a sister on a covid ward so all the government is doing is ripping you off if the only tests that give true results are the ones that are paid for then the nhs ones are a complete farce


John Law / Hace 6 months

Boris switched the light to Amber because in Mallorca our contagion rates are steadily soaring, so if "nothing changes" we'll very soon be on your Red list. So use your head Mr Healy, these changes are about people's health, not how much money you can make....


Fred / Hace 6 months

If you can't afford the tests then you clearly aren't spending any money on the Island. Stay home in grim England, we don't want your virus and don't need people who make sandwiches for lunch and dont go to restaurants. Jog on.


mike / Hace 6 months

Where your getting these ludicrous prices from only goes to show your being ripped off and not doing your homework me and my wife just got back from Cala dor 2x predeparture tests €46 in calador 2x randox 2day tests £90 job done ! don’t pay airline prices it’s a scam


Rob / Hace 6 months


Rob / Hace 6 months

Jet 2 have been incredible, I wouldn’t even shop around anymore. They will always get my business. Re tests. Take them with you. Google Breath tests and Randox 45 Pound video call to do test and email flight cert. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT KIT.