Passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca

Airline algorithms have pushed prices up.

17-07-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

Over the past 48 hours, there has been increased demand for flights back to the UK among British holidaymakers who have not been vaccinated twice. And because of an increase in demand, airlines' pricing algorithms have reacted accordingly. One report on Friday pointed to the price of tickets for Sunday having risen by four times. The deadline is 4am on Monday.

Meanwhile, and despite the exemptions for double-vaccinated travellers and under-18s, there is growing concern at the slump in bookings for Mallorca and at the possibility of the islands being further reclassified - this time red. It isn't only Mallorca and the Balearics that are being affected; the likes of Benidorm are as well. The falloff in demand is especially evident among younger people who have not been vaccinated.


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Ian / Hace 6 months

How on earth could the U.K. justify putting the Balearics on the red list when we have in excess of 50,000 cases a day. I would understand if it were the other way round but it’s not. People are safer holidaying in the Balearics, and far less likely to become infected in Palmanova than in Skegness.


johnc / Hace 6 months

To all the people thinking of booking in the next few weeks for August, September. Do yourselves and us a favour by staying at home. You were warned cases would rise here and we are not all vaccinated by a long way. Now is not the time for holidays. But if you are determined to come,please be careful, respectful and Don't complain when Mallorca goes to RED and you are left here at great expense panicking to get home. The airline's will profit from your stress of course,and you will quickly realise it wasn't worth all the trouble.


Stan.. / Hace 6 months

How long will it be before the rules will change again?. Even though Tourists are Double Vaccinated in Mallorca. They will have to quarantine for 10 days, when they return to the UK. Just like has happened to France. The UK Government can not be trusted any more. Just like Portugal, within weeks it was changed from Green back to Amber. Now Mallorca has suffered the same fate. So, how long before it means Tourists have to Quarantine for 10 days on return .? This weekend Tourists are rushing back this weekend to beat the 4am deadline on Monday Morning. The time starts after landing when the main door opens. If you land at 03.30 providing the door opens before 04.00 on Monday Morning, you will be clear of the new Amber regulation.