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Having suggested that a curfew is being ruled out, the Balearic government is weighing up other options to address the soaring coronavirus incidence. The government is seeking to adopt "effective measures with the least possible impact on economic activity".

Health minister Patricia Gómez said on Friday that "everything" is being analysed in order to come up with "effective measures" that are particularly aimed at people between the ages of 16 and 40. The health data reports show that 16-29 and 30-39 have the highest 14-day incidence rates - respectively 1602.52 and 648.78 as of Friday.

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Gómez noted that reducing mobility and limiting the numbers of people who can gather socially are effective. The government is scheduled to announce measures on Friday (July 23), but the announcement is likely to be brought forward.

The nightlife sector, which had been looking forward to an easing of restrictions, will almost certainly be disappointed. Spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, Javier Arranz, has said that an opening of nightlife "is not viable".