The government is preparing new restrictions in public areas.

The government is preparing new restrictions in public areas.


The number of cases of the coronavirus in the islands contiues to fall with the local ministry for Health reporting 493 cases in the last 24 hours. This is the third day in which the figures have been falling.

According to official figures there are 149 people in local hospitals undergoing treatment for Covid, of whom 31 are in intensive care units.

In Mallorca in the last 24 hours there have been 391 new cases, in Minorca there were 11 new cases and in Ibiza 90 new cases. There was one new case in Formentera.

As regards vaccination 66 percent of people have received a single jab (53 percent have received both jabs).


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Malcolm / Hace 6 months

Has Mallorca, or any other Government for that matter ANY idea of the percentage of the population which will need to vaccinated in order for a permanent steady reduction of cases ? Also if this percentage is actually achievable ?


Zoe / Hace 6 months

Too little for an Island which relies so much on tourism. BY now all adults over 18 should have been vaccinated.