A nurse prepares a vaccine. | Marcial Guillén


The Balearic Health Ministry on Tuesday reported 802 new cases of Covid-19 in the last day and one new death, taking the total number of deaths during the pandemic to 848, and has reported that 206 people have been admitted to hospital due to the coronavirus.

According to today’s report, there were 35 patients with Covid in the islands’ intensive care units, four more than the previous day, and 171 patients were being treated on the ward, 22 more than the previous day.

The number of ICU beds occupied by patients with coronavirus infection has reached 13%, two points higher than on Monday, and the pressure on the hospital system has increased by 14.4% in the last 24 hours.

The positive rate of diagnostic tests carried out today was 11.78% and the total number of cases of coronavirus treated by the Health Service reached 8,053, 10.6% more than on Monday.

The cumulative incidence in 14 days (IA14) in the Balearic Islands as a whole is 656 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In Mallorca it is 594, in Ibiza 845, in Minorca 983 and in Formentera 386.

Of the 802 new cases reported today, 577 were detected in Mallorca, where 143 patients are hospitalised, 24 of them in intensive care, and 5,953 patients are recovering at home or in hotels set up by the government.

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In Ibiza, 162 new cases were diagnosed, 34 are hospitalised on the ward, another 8 were in ICU and 1,384 infected patients were being treated by Primary Care.

In Minorca there were 52 new cases, 21 patients are in hospital, 3 of them in intensive care, and 671 infected patients are being monitored at home.

In Formentera, 11 new positive cases were diagnosed and there were 45 patients in their homes.

There were 33 infected nursing home users, 27 in Ibiza, 3 in Minorca and 3 in Mallorca, and the same number of geriatric professionals are also infected.


54.3% of the population of the Balearic Islands have now received the full course of the COVID-19 vaccine and 67.3% have received the first dose, according to data from the Regional Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

As of today, 1,192,296 doses of the vaccine had been administered on the islands, of which 696,932 have received the first dose and 562,015 have already been immunised.

By islands, 931,656 doses have been administered in Mallorca, with 546,499 people receiving at least one dose and 438,002 people receiving the full course; in Ibiza, 145,963 doses have been inoculated, with 84,925 people receiving one dose and 69,369 people receiving the full course.

In Minorca 104,723 doses have been administered (59,433 people have received at least one dose and 49,819 have received the full schedule); and in Formentera 9,394 vaccinations have been administered (5,723 people have received at least one dose and 4,564 have received the full schedule).