From this Saturday all social gatherings involving people from different households are banned after 1a.m. The measure will last for the next two weeks.

From this Thursday, restaurants will have to close by 1a.m. and restrictions introduced on seating, eight people per table (instead of 12) outside and four people (instead of six) inside. But the Balearic government has decided not to make the mask compulsory again in public areas.

All these measures are being introduced to stop the gatherings of large numbers of young people.


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Rich / Hace 6 months

Might I suggest a hygiene monitor to be present on each bus who job it is to be constantly cleaning the bus through its use. I am convinced that busses are a major cause of spreading covid.


Brian Emery / Hace 6 months

unfortunately whenever you come out of a lockdown cases will increase, damned if you do damned if you dont.


Alan / Hace 6 months

@Arpan. Yes, you understood this correctly. In Spain 5 is more tha 4...


johnb / Hace 6 months

Hi Dawn. The rules are after 1am. So up to that point socializing is ok. Every bar will shut at 1am (the new rule). So the government want everyone out of bars and off the streets at that point. Staying with your friend at your apartment is fine. It's more about keeping everyone off the streets after 1am.


Rich / Hace 6 months

*the chance of reinfection and becoming a spreader.


Rich / Hace 6 months

As we know the double jab does not stop 100% the chance of reinvention and becoming. There does seem to be a correlation with our runaway covid infection and the arrival of tourists....magaluf is now riddled with covid.


Dawn / Hace 6 months

Can you please confirm how this will effect 2 friends travelling from UK who do not live together but will be staying in the same apartment at night. I can't find any guidance on it. Thank you


Arpan / Hace 6 months

If I have understood this correctly, does it mean a family of 5 would not be able to eat indoors in a restaurant, hotel or cafe, and would have to eat outdoors, from Thursday onwards?


Sarah / Hace 6 months

How about the restrictions of inter-island travel?


James w / Hace 6 months

The Balearic government cannot make masks mandatory that would have to go through central government and be passed as law.