Cala Gat - Mallorca | Youtube: Morfheos Wildmallorca


Cala Gat, near Cala Ratjada (Mallorca), has become an internet sensation, it is one of the most searched for beaches on instagram worldwide.

The breathtaking beach, with golden sands and crystal clear water, is on the outskirts of Cala Ratjada.

Map of Cala Gat beach

· The beach is only 40 metres long and 20 metres wide. Nevertheless, the beach is very popular and it is recommended to get there early, in particular if you want to rent one of the limited number of loungers.

Cala Gat beach

· Free parking is possible close to the beach.

· The sand is fine, but the space for playing for children is often limited. The water depth is about average.

· There are no watersports but snorkelers can watch some colourful fish along the cliffs on both sides of the beach.

· There is a small beach bar with cold drinks, ice etc.

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