Covid-19 cases on the Balearic Islands as of July 21

Covid cases for Wednesday July 21 on the Balearic Islands.

The local ministry for Health announced this morning that there had been 767 new cases of Covid 19 in the Balearics over the last 24 hours.

On Tuesday 802 new cases were reported. Accoridng to the latest figures there were 490 cases in Mallorca, 144 in Ibiza, 48 in Minorca and three in Formentera.

The Balearic government is introducing new measures in an effort to curb the spread of Covid.


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Brian Emery / Hace 6 months

Thanks for your replies, as for the 100% I am pretty sure that was mentioned on Spain speaks on you tube but I could be mistaken. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part as we hope to visit in late September.


Sara O. / Hace 6 months

Vaccine supply Brian. The Balearics are vaccinating people as fast as vaccines are received. Pfizer delivered double to the EU in June but this month are back to May levels. Also bear in mind that vaccines are being distributed to regions by age. Those with older populations will logically have received a higher percentage vs population. The Balearics have the youngest population in the country and so will have received a lower percentage in relation to our total population. I don’t remember 100% population vaccinated being promised by September. Who by? It has always been 70% by the end of the summer and we are on track to achieve this. We’ll never make 100% anyway as unfortunately some people are refusing vaccines.


Paul / Hace 6 months

I suspect it’s people not wanting to be vaccinated now which is the problem. Like France and there anti-vaccine mentality, governments will all soon have to limit your activities by vaccine status. The Facebook scientists spreading there crap are truly the hurdle which will prolong this misery.


john / Hace 6 months

Supply, Brian. They can't vaccinate people when the doses haven't arrived yet. They get so many and then soon run-out.


Brian Emery / Hace 6 months

Am I right or wrong on this but it seems to me the rate the Majorcan population is getting vaccinated has really slowed down when actually it needs to be speeded up. As reported 80% of new cases in Spain are people who have not had the jab. If this is the case and indeed vaccinations on the island have slowed down why is this, and who is responsible, earlier in the year it was stated the whole of Spain would be vaccinated by September. Looking now this seems nothing but a pipedream and unfortunately it will be the tourist industry which suffers again. This needs to be rectified if the summer this year is to be saved and jobs and livelihoods protected.