People drinking in the streets in s'Arenal. recent photo. | Ultima Hora


Local Police are planning to use drones to stamp out illegal drinking in Palma, according to Citizen Security Councillor, Joana Maria Adrover.

Drinking in the streets was banned in the Balearics before the pandemic began, but since the lockdown was lifted an increasing amount of mostly young people have been gathering in the streets for drinking parties.

Under the latest Covid restrictions, people who don’t live together are prohibited from meeting between 01:00-06:00 inside or outside. From this weekend, drones and National Police helicopters will monitor the city and anyone caught breaching the restrictions will be fined.

Since the State of Alarm was lifted, loudspeaker messages have been broadcast via police cars in English, German, Dutch, Catalan and Spanish via Local Police cars to disperse crowds and prevent illegal drinking in the streets.

Councillor Adrover says Emaya will spray the walls with water in Platja de Palma to clean them and stop people sitting on them while they're drinking illegally. She also batted away suggestions for CCTV cameras in polígonos saying Police surveillance was sufficient.

"We are experiencing a constant change in regulations and behaviour, which varies from one weekend to another,” she said.