Self-diagnosis antigen test.

Self-diagnosis antigen test.

22-07-2021Pere Bota

Self-diagnosis antigen tests are now available at pharmacies in the Balearic Islands.

The tests can be bought without a prescription and on Thursday they flew off the shelves so fast that although most pharmacies had plenty of stock, others ran out of tests on day one.

More than 400 pharmacies in the Balearic Islands are able to sell the self-testing kits now that the regulations governing the sale of them has been published in the BOE.

When customers buy a self-testing kit, the pharmacies must also give them an official invoice and an information sheet, specifying what to do if their test is positive.

If that happens the user must self-isolate immediately and call the InfoCovid line, then Healthcare Professionals will perform a PCR test to confirm the positive result.

The self-diagnosis antigen tests require nasal or saliva samples and usually cost 10-15 euros.


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Malcolm / Hace 6 months

Let me get my brain around this please. Having jumped through all the hoops necessary to leave the UK (jabs, negative test etc.) , I can now buy, at my own expense, a test kit which could keep me locked down for the duration of my holiday ?


Mike R / Hace 6 months

Lawrie, please do carry on despairing.

The rest of us will carry on being respectful and considerate to our loved ones.


George / Hace 6 months

I usually don’t big up the U.K. but this is about the only thing the uk did right… they’ve had free tests for more than a year now… Spain are only just managing to release pod tests in pharmacy’s 🤦🏼


Paul / Hace 6 months

If for example you were going to visit elderly relatives. Why would you want to cheat on the results ?


Lawrie / Hace 6 months

Who on earth would buy these apart from the Covid terrified, brainwashed out there? I despair.


Francois / Hace 6 months

@Steve, Son Maties: Really? Does the definition 'self discipline' ring a bell?


Sara O. / Hace 6 months

@Steve, ‘They’ don’t have to know who has taken the test. These tests are voluntary and mainly for people who show no symptoms but want to know whether they are infected and could unknowingly infect others. As it states above you only have to contact ‘them’ if it shows positive and ‘they’ will then do a proper PCR test and enter the data into the system. Haven’t they been available in the UK for quite some time? Lateral flow tests I think you call them, if I’m not mistaken. I think the UK government supplies them for free by post. 🤔


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 6 months

Sounds nuts to me, how do they know who's taken the test.... easy to get whatever test result suits your needs....