Vaccination point, Palma.

Vaccination point, Palma.

22-07-2021Europa Press

Vaccination appointments are available for children aged 12-15 via the BitCita website from 15:00 today, according to Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

The Balearic Islands are the second community in Spain to vaccinate this age group, after the Basque Country and it’s hoped immunisation will be completed by August 3.

BitCita is also making 86,000 new appointments available on its website, which are open to all age groups.

Meanwhile, Minister Gomez has stressed that having 70% of the population vaccinated is not enough.

"We want to increase vaccination as much as possible and do it at the highest speed,” she said.

The vaccine acts as a firewall and reduces transmission of the virus by up to 88.5%.

By Thursday 707,602 people, or 68.3% of the Balearic population had received one dose of the vaccine and 55.9% had been given both jabs.


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Kim / Hace 6 months

Since kids don’t get affected by covid, it is unethical to vaccinate them.

We don’t vaccine the children for their own health, but to send a political signal.

That’s wrong.

And why do they still keep us under restrictions, when most of us is vaccinated. Something just isn’t right. Why won’t they set us free…


Chris / Hace 6 months

Scary stuff from the health minister when talking about getting numbers up rather than potential health issues to otherwise healthy children. U.K. has only just issued a statement saying potential vaccine issue in children is far higher than Covid related issues for all their age groups up to 18. As a middle aged adult I had no qualms getting the jab but my kids won’t grt it until much more data is in.