Cases remain high.

Cases remain high.

21-07-2021Bienvenido Velasco

The Balearic Ministry for health reported 715 new Covid cases today, slightly lower than on Saturday but still high.

There are 255 people in hospital with Covid, of whom 45 are in intensive care. 70 percent of people have now received the first vaccine and 58 percent have received the second jab.

The Balearic government were forced to introduce new restrictions in an effort to curb the recent growth in cases.


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Rich / Hace 6 months

Brian. I have had covid, lost smell and taste for a few days. I'll take my chances and wait for the vaccines formal trial period to complete and then make my decision as regards having it. I've no doubt you have a dossier on how I will spread it even though I won't have the vaccine in me, just my antibodies. Lets face it no vaccinated person has ever spread the virus???? Your unwavering faith in the vaccine is admirable but I think a little hopeful given the time short time that it has been in final trials.


Frank / Hace 6 months

James wan€er spouting crap again and proving people from Brmingham are thick.


Peter P / Hace 6 months

Oh dear James w, too little information and too big a mouth. Any idea what those "figures" you are happily quoting would be without the vaccines. Go look it up you idiot.


James w / Hace 6 months

We still have idiots that think the vaccine is a silver bullet. I'm originally from Birmingham and they say we're thick. But how do we get the message through to these idiots that think the vaccine stops transmission and death? These must of been 1st in line for the vaccine asking no questions. 42 people today in ICU in New South Wales Australia they were double vaccinated. 27 people died this week in Tennesse America double vaccinated. 60% of people in hospital in UK double vaccinated. Are any of you sheep seeing a pattern??? Its called an auto immune response. Look it up. Vaccine passports are pointless and there only reason is to control the masses.


Brian / Hace 6 months

Then how did we stop smallpox as I said it will take time but I suppose you are anti vax Rich, do not have it and the chance of catching it are way higher than not having it, ask the families of those who sadly passed away with it prior to having the vaccines. Give yourself the best chance possible, it will certainly give you a better chance of survival having had 2 jabs if you are unlucky enough to get covid than if you have not.


Rich / Hace 6 months

Vaccines will stop the contagion. Well 2 shots is certainly not stopping it...ask Piers.


Brian / Hace 6 months

As soon as restrictions were lifted covid cases rates began to rise, that will be the case in most countries, Vaccination will eventually stop the contagion as herd immunity is achieved, but this could take years. Common sense and caution is the only way to stop it getting out of control at the moment, but as the news shows many people expect to live as they did before the pandemic and show no respect for anyone but themselves. That is a problem every country faces.


Peter / Hace 6 months

@ Nigel. This is about contagion rates, nothing to do with vaccination figures. Yoy don't reduce contagion rates by vaccinating people...


nigel / Hace 6 months

Today 70% in UK have 2 jabs.