Can Picafort, Mallorca.

Can Picafort, Mallorca. archive photo.

26-07-2021Ultima Hora

Since the beginning of this year, the Municipality of Santa Margalida has been a member of the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations, after it was evaluated by Segittur, a project promoted by the Secretary of State for Tourism, which aims to promote sustainable tourism and improve the living conditions of tourists and the population.

The development is based on the concepts of governance, innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility, which guarantees the present and future of tourism.

The methodological process has been divided into two cycles: diagnosis, planning and follow-up evolution.

Santa Margalida scored 75.7% for Sustainability; 59.5% for Governance; 43% for Accessibility; 34% for Technology and 32% for Innovation.

The Municipality is committed to safeguarding its cultural, artistic, natural and environmental heritage and promoting economic and social sustainability.

In relation to governance, the creation of the Tourism Advisory Council is a highlight and according to Segittur, this is an excellent tourism policy based on quality and public and private collaboration.

Santa Margalida has opted for the intensive use of technology applied to governance and used innovation as a lever to take advantage of new tourism challenges.

In terms of accessibility, the Ajuntament de Santa Margalida wants the municipality and its tourist resources to be visited regardless of the physical and sensory capacity of each one.

The City Council is also proposing that a Smart Office be set up as a coordination tool to help convert the Municipality into a Smart Tourist Destination.


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Roger / Hace 4 months

All credit to those involved in achieving this, however if you are the only positive resort in a basket full of neighbouring / island wide resorts who have no similar ethos, your efforts will fall on deaf ears regionally, nationally and internationally...whilst there is a local and a national government who only have interest in such efforts if they provide them with a positive photo opportunity then I fear for the potential benefits of your efforts whilst, as stated above, I offer my sincere praise and congratulations...I will be putting you on my list of more favoured resorts....congratulations to all involved - stay strong.