Covid-19 cases on the Balearic Islands as of July 27. |


The Regional Ministry of Health today reported 718 new cases of Covid in 24 hours and one new death was also reported while the number of patients with coronavirus admitted to intensive care units (ICU) rose to 50.

As reported by the government in the space of 24 hours the number of patients in intensive care rose from 46 to fifty, which means that 18% of the beds in these units are dedicated to covid-19, and on the wards there are 305 patients with coronavirus, 17 more than the day before.

The total increase of hospitalised patients is 6.2 %, the positive rate of diagnostic tests on Monday was 13.7 % and the official death toll now stands at 856.

The total number of covid patients being treated by the Health Service today was 11,396, which represented a daily increase of 7%.

The accumulated incidence in 14 days is 923 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the islands as a whole, with a particularly high incidence in Ibiza, where it reached 1,544, followed by Mallorca, with 833, Minorca, with 828 and Formentera, where there have been 680 cases per 100,000 in two weeks.

Of the new cases today, 473 have been diagnosed in Mallorca, where 249 people are hospitalised, 35 of them in intensive care, and 8,301 infected people are convalescing at home or in covid hotels set up by the government.

In Ibiza, 190 cases of infection were diagnosed, 63 people are in hospital, nine in intensive care and 2,397 under the supervision of primary care.

In Minorca 48 new cases were detected, 34 of which are hospitalised, six of them in the ICU, and 613 patients are recovering at home or in their hotels.

In Formentera there are seven new cases and 85 patients cared for at home.

Today there are 58 nursing home residents infected with coronavirus, as well as residential care 48 workers, while the active positives among health professionals stood at 117.

A total of 732,155 people in the Balearic Islands, 70.7 percent, have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

59.4 percent have received the full vaccination dose. 1,275,921 doses of the vaccine have been administered across the islands, 615,528 of which have has the full dose.

By islands, 998,921 doses have been administered in Mallorca, with 574,943 people having received at least one dose and 480,422 the full jab; in Ibiza 155,684 doses have been inoculated, with 88,622 people having received one dose and 76,388 the full course.

In Minorca 110,714 doses have been administered (62,180 people have received at least one dose and 53,487, the full dose); and in Formentera 9,978 vaccines have been administered (6,020 people have received at least one dose and 4,940, the full course).