Big rise in cases. | Salvador Sas

The Regional Ministry of Health reported today 860 new cases of covid in 24 hours and one more death.

The number of patients with coronavirus admitted to hospital intensive care units (ICU) has risen to 53, the highest figure for the month.

Covid-19 cases on the Balearic Islands as of July 28

The 860 new infections are the third highest number on the islands since the pandemic began, while on 16 July there were 864 more cases and on 22 July a record 882 new cases were recorded.

According to the report, during 24 hours the number of patients in intensive care increased from 50 to 53, which means that 19% of the beds in these units are dedicated to patients with covid-19, and there are 298 patients on the wards, 7 less than the day before.

The positivity rate of the diagnostic tests carried out on Tuesday stands at 13.2%, up from 13.17% the day before, while the official number of deaths from the virus since the start of the pandemic now stands at 857.

The total number of Covid patients being treated by the Health Service was 11,938, which is 542 more than the previous day.

The cumulative incidence in 14 days stands at 969 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the islands as a whole (923 until today), with the highest incidence in Ibiza, whose IA14 has increased to 1657.

Ibiza is followed by Mallorca, with 872 positives per 100,000 people, while Minorca moved from 828 to 820 and the incidence in two weeks increased to 806 cases per 100,000 residents in Formentera.

Of the new cases, 603 were diagnosed in Mallorca, where 206 people are hospitalised on the wards and 38 in intensive care (3 more), and 8,600 infected people are convalescing at home or in covid hotels.

In Ibiza, 187 infections were diagnosed, 67 people were admitted to the wards, 9 are still in intensive care and 2,572 are under the supervision of primary care.

In Minorca 62 new cases have been detected and there are 31 hospitalised, 6 of them in the ICU, and 674 patients are recovering at home or in a hotel.

The Ministry for Health also reported 7 new cases in Formentera, where 92 patients are being cared for at home.