Hotel Pabisa Sofia, Playa de Palma. | P. Pellicer

A second hotel in Mallorca is to be used to accommodate visitors who contract coronavirus and those who've had close contact with someone who’s tested positive.

50 double rooms and 56 single rooms at Hotel Pabis Sofia in Playa de Palma are now available with a full board accommodation service and the rest of the rooms will be ready within the next week.

The operating company will be responsible for providing technical maintenance, reception, security services, cleaning, linen, electricity, water, gas and other essential services.

The Ministry of Health now has 628 rooms available for visitors affected by Covid-19 in Mallorca; 328 at Hotel Pabisa Sofía and 300 at Hotel Bellver.

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The contracts are financed through the European Regional Development Fund, or ERDF and authorised by the European Commission. The distribution of European aid is part of the European Union's decision to make the use of cohesion funds more flexible, in order to strengthen health systems and respond to the health crisis.