Dominic Raab.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

29-07-2021ANDY RAIN / POOL

The British Foreign Secretary has refused to rule out the creation of an amber watchlist for international travel, amid rumours that Spain could come under new restrictions.

Dominic Raab expressed optimism that more countries would be added to the green and amber lists at the upcoming travel review next week, meaning more options for quarantine-free international travel could be opened up.

But there are concerns that Spain could be moved from the amber list to a new category, which would warn holidaymakers that it could be moved to the more restrictive red list at any moment.


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Jonathan Williams / Hace 6 months

I just think that Britain just playing politics Who gains from certainly not the British who want to go on holiday


Peter P / Hace 6 months

Come on guys, you'll be wanting to meet outside KFC in Santa Ponsa for a punch up next.. ;-)


Phil / Hace 6 months

Nob and No hope make me laugh below. They are saying southern european catholic countries are out of control with covid and abusing the system. But I walk around Santa Catalina and Palma generally and I cant move for Swedes, Danes and Norwegians. They are the ones bringing the virus in here. You couldn't make it up. 🤷‍♂️


Sean / Hace 6 months

@no popes. You and nord are the same guy. Catholic haters. Do a runner from this site before I report a religious hate crime. Pathetic people.


No popes / Hace 6 months

@ Greg. I agree with Nord. If you read the bulletin text below this "article", eg. bulletin, "Second Covid Hotel in Mallorca".

There it is written: "The Ministry of Health now has 628 rooms available for visitors affected by Covid-19 in Mallorca; 328 at Hotel Pabisa Sofía and 300 at Hotel Bellver ... with a full board accommodation service". "The contracts are financed through the European Regional Development Fund, or ERDF and authorized by the European Commission. The distribution of European aid is part of the European Union's decision to make the use of cohesion funds more flexible, in order to strengthen health systems and respond to the health crisis."

However, the EU has nothing to do with healthcare. It is the sovereign domain of every country. Basta!

How much money will Northwestern Europe have to send to the EU and Latin Europe - with several similar cultures?!

Spain will get 7 billion Euros from us in the North! Is not that enough?!

I hope Majorca ends up on to the dark red zone!


Greg / Hace 6 months

@Nord. Top tip, when you ramble on for ages, have a point. I was so bored by your post.


Nord / Hace 6 months

What are you waiting for? Do you trust Catholics?

ATHENS, July 29 (Reuters) - Greece's south Aegean islands were marked dark red on the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control's COVID-19 map on Thursday after a rise in infections, meaning all but essential travel to and from the region is discouraged.

The cluster of 13 islands includes Greece's most popular destinations for foreign tourists - Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes - which, combined, draw millions of people every summer.

Greek Deputy Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias said later on Thursday Mykonos and Ios, another popular tourist destination, were "one step" away from authorities imposing restrictions.

He said the situation was also worrying on the islands of Zakynthos, Tinos, Lefkada, Santorini, Paros and Rhodes.

Greece, which depends heavily on tourism, had relied on promoting "COVID-free" islands to draw visitors back this summer, hoping a rebound in international travel would resuscitate the sector after its worst year in decades in 2020.

Despite a strong June in terms of arrivals and expressions of optimism from ministers and tourism officials, uncertainty remains over how the season will unfold. read more

"We're waiting to see how the (tourist) markets will react," said Manolis Markopoulos, president of the hoteliers association of Rhodes, referring to the decision of the ECDC, an agency of the European Union. More than 90% of tourists to the island are from abroad.

Germany, which this month listed Greece as a coronavirus risk area, and Britain, which has Greece on its "amber" list of countries requiring returning travellers to quarantine at home, are usually the biggest sources of visitors to Greece.

The dark red zones on the ECDC map help distinguish very high-risk areas and also help EU member states uphold rules requiring testing on departure and quarantine upon return.

Last week the ECDC downgraded Crete, Greece's biggest island and another popular destination, to the dark red zone.


James T / Hace 6 months

Dave, I'd make it a half...


George / Hace 6 months

@rich… you seem to think the EU has failed when just the other day Spain overtook the UKs full vaccination number…

The EU have never been in CHARGE of anybody… the UK have just always blamed the EU when the UK have made mistakes or are doing something the public won’t like… they just say “oh it’s the EU”

Wake up


Dave / Hace 6 months

MDB barman i'll have a pint of what Rich has been drinking please!