Son Espases Hospital sign, Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


The eight Unions of the Personnel Management Board of Ponent have issued a joint statement denouncing “the lack of planning and poor management at Son Espases Hospital and the Primary Care service during each wave of the Covid pandemic."

Simebal, Satse, USAE, CSIF, CCOO, UGT, STEI and FeSP Union representatives have confronted Son Espases Manager, Pep Pomar, Primary Care Manager, Miguel Caldentey, and IB-Salut Director, Juli Fuster to denounce health management in the Ponent area.

They claim that Hospital and Primary Care management have not come up with a contingency plan for human resources needs or provided enough Healthcare Professionals and are demanding the immediate resignation of the Nursing and Medicine management.

Union representatives have also accused Hospital and Primary Care management of refusing to share information or negotiate action or instructions.

“The disastrous distribution of the so-called covid complement and the contradictory messages by both managements, does nothing but generate a climate of tension and unrest amongst professionals, who are harassed by their superiors on their days off,” they said.

The Staff Board branded IB-Salut's proposal to ask staff to postpone their holidays in the midst of the fifth wave of contagion, as "irregular, offensive and a mockery of workers.”

The Unions have called for a Health and Safety Committee in the Ponent Sector to analyse the effects of the lack of rest and repeated workplace harassment of Healthcare Professionals.