Formentor Lighthouse, Mallorca. archive photo. | P. Pellicer

The Consell de Mallorca’s ‘Smart Island’ digital platform is already up and running, making it possible to consult a large amount of diata via a mobile phone, computer, or other public device such as information panels.

Last week the first tourist information panel, which projects audiovisual information was launched in Alcudia and more will be installed in Mallorca over the summer.

The devices will be installed at archaeological sites and lighthouses to record visitor attendance.

Traffic 'Smart Island' will monitor the roads, with 21 stations collecting data on vehicles,, making it possible to adjust mobility policies and message boards will warn drivers of traffic jams and other problems on the roads.

Meteorological stations will monitor environmental conditions in certain areas of the island, which is very important for emergency management.

Environmental and structural sensorial devices have been installed at the Palau de la Diputación, the main headquarters of the Consell and at the Betlem de la Sang chapel, to control and prevent the deterioration of these facilities.

Devices have also been placed on the Misericòrdia building in Palma to monitor energy efficiency and at 180 bus stops to advise passengers of waiting times, mobility alternatives and other issues.

State-of-the-art hardware has been given to Firefighters and the Emergency Services.

‘Smart Island’ works via a data transmission network and the Government has poured 9 million euros into the project.

The Consell says the aim is to continue developing the technology.

“This is just the first phase of the ‘Smart Island’ project and we will continue to develop it and exploit its possibilities,” explains the Minister of the Presidency of Mallorca, Teresa Suárez. “We are already working on the ‘Smart Island’ strategy for 2022, which will help us to catch up and acquire the latest technology in the field of big data, for the Consell and City Councils and the possibilities are endless.