Healthcare Professionals, Palma. | Europa Press

The Court of Accounts report on the Autonomous Public Sector for the 2018 financial year, states that the Balearic Islands had the third lowest public health expenditure per capita in the country.

Andalusia spent 1,212 euros per inhabitant, the Community of Madrid spent 1,274 euros and the Balearics spent 1,387 euros.

The Basque Country had the highest public health expenditure in 2018 at 1,753 euros per inhabitant, followed by the Principality of Asturias with 1,676 euros and the Foral Community of Navarre with 1,651 euros, according to the report, which was prepared with Ministry of Health data and Satellite Accounts of public health spending.

Public health spending on staff salaries in the Balearic Islands amounted to 797 million euros; hospitals and special services totalled 1,097 million euros and pharmacy came to 213 million euros.

The Court of Accounts received a total of 1,314 major public contracts valued at 240.5 million euros and 2,376 minor contracts valued at 21.2 million euros from the Balearic Islands in 2018.