Galley Horse at Palma Cathedral.

Galley Horse at Palma Cathedral.

17-06-2021Jaume Morey

Progreso en Verde has blasted Palma City Council of Palma for allowing horses to continue pulling carriages in the streets of the city when an orange alert for high temperatures has been issued by the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet.

“The fact that the horses were still working at 17:00 on Thursday, despite an orange alert for high temperatures until 19:00 is exploitation,” said the eco-animalise party.

Progreso en Verde also pointed out that despite continuously asking Palma City Council for 10 months, to change the decree to prevent galley horses from working when weather alerts are issued, nothing has been done.

“The fact that the horses have been working during the heatwave shows that neither Palma City Council nor the drivers of the galleys care in the least about their well-being,” insist Party President, Guillermo Amengual. “We have a decree that doesn’t allow the movement of horse galleys between noon and 17:00, but it is useless, because before 11:00 and after 17:00 we have the same temperatures.”


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Bear / Hace 5 months

Seeing these horses sweating and pulling around four people in a carriage in searing heat upsets me to the core. Its not just in Palma, I have recently seen the carriages in Alcudia also. Tourists need to be educated not to hire the services of the Horses. If there was no demand, it would stop. I totally agree that the people who own the Horses and carriages should be given another opportunity. Electric Tuk Tuks would be a novel and interesting addition to see our beautiful capital city.


Brian Emery / Hace 5 months

Bullfighting and horse drawn carriages in searing heat, Spain obviously do not care about animal welfare to continue abusing them in this way.


Mark Badoer / Hace 5 months

I totally agree with Mr B. Stop this madness now. But don´t just make a law to ban it, as that probably means these animals will be abondoned or suffer even more. Give the people who run the carriages another opportunity, so they can at least earn a living. That is good and responsable governing.


Carolyn / Hace 5 months

The decision makers don’t care about animal welfare. Only their own interests. This island is a disgrace with the animal abuse and lack of animal welfare laws and regulation. It’s medieval.


Mr B / Hace 5 months

A moment of pleasure for a tourist and a lifetime of misery for the horse. Disgusting, barbaric treatment of animals. STOP IT NOW PERMANENTLY.