Solar panels in Mahón, Mallorca.

Solar panels in Mahón, Mallorca. archive photo.

14-08-2021Ultima Hora

The Director General of Energy & Climate Change, Pep Malagrava says he's expecting to receive an avalanche of requests for solar panels from businesses in September, to alleviate the steady increase in electricity prices since June.

The Government says it's extremely concerned about rising electricity prices and the impact they will have on businesses and families.

“The first measure to lower the electricity bill is a self-consumption installation, which reduces energy costs by up to 40%,” said Malagrava.

The Balearic Islands will receive 13.3 million euros worth of aid from Brussels and subsidies of 15%-35% are also available, depending on the project.

“There will be a dramatic increase in requests for solar installations, even more so when the depreciation will be reduced as the cost of lighting continues to rise,” said

It costs 12,000-25,000 euros to install solar panels for companies and 6,000 euros for private properties.

There are already around 3,000 photovoltaic installations in the Balearic Islands, which generate 34 Megawatts of energy, including 2,151 in Mallorca which generate 22.2 MW.

The Government has issued 11.5 million euros worth of grants for solar panels in the last three years.

"These projects have led to a significant reduction in electricity consumption thanks to clean and alternative energy," explains Malagrava.

The PP has asked the Government to increase Local Cooperation funds to compensate for this year's increase in the electricity tariff.


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