Fifteen camouflaged vehicles. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

The MA-20, the Via Cintura in Palma, is the second busiest road in Spain. The speed limit is now 80 kilometres per hour. There has been an intensification of speed controls since the limit was cut from 120 km/h in February.

The Guardia Civil's Tráfico unit says that, while it might be thought that there will be more fines for speeding on the Via Cintura than on other roads, in proportion to the number of vehicles, there are other roads with a higher percentage.

Mobile speed radars are located in relation to the flow of traffic, and Tráfico has fifteen camouflaged vehicles with cinemometers. At peak times, one of these vehicles can typically register seven hits per minute. There is some leeway. The devices only flash at 87 km/h. The fine for 87 to 110 is 100 euros without a loss of points on the driving licence. Between 111 and 130 and there is a fine of 300 euros and the loss of two points. The sanctions increase for 131 to 140; 141 to 150; and 151 to 160. At 161 or more, the driver will be arrested for a crime against traffic safety.