The ban seeks to avoid gatherings after 1am. | Archive


On Monday, the Balearic government approved an extension to the current restrictions on social gatherings between 1am and 6am. These are banned except where people are cohabitants.

The Balearic High Court will be asked to verify this extension, which is until September 15. There will be a review of the health situation on each island at next week's cabinet meeting, although President Armengol noted on Monday that no changes are expected. She added that while the latest Covid data indicate a fall in the number of Covid patients in intensive care, the situation in ICU is still "high risk".

The decision to extend the ban is based on experience of the past months. This has highlighted the risks associated with "social activities" and the consumption of alcohol, where there is "less adoption of preventive measures against contagion, such as maintaining interpersonal distance or wearing a mask".

The government adds that "the effectiveness of restrictive measures for these types of extreme risk activities has been demonstrated, either by limiting mobility or by restricting the type of activities allowed at night".

The "high risk", where the government is concerned, is reflected by the fact that the 14-day cumulative incidence remains above 450 (the Monday report indicated 580 for the whole of the Balearics), while Covid patient occupancy of intensive care units is still well above ten per cent and occupancy of beds on wards is greater than five per cent.