Injuries suffered by 79-year-old Daniela.

Palma police say that barely a day passes without there being an accident involving an electric scooter. Some accidents are serious - a 17-year-old was badly injured on Wednesday when he went through a red light and was knocked down. The day before, 79-year-old Daniela was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing. She lost consciousness and was admitted to the Clinica Rotger (close to the scene of the accident) with fractures to an arm and to the face. Doctors have yet to decide if she will need an operation.

Daniela's daughter, Cristina, says that her mother was on the pedestrian crossing when she was knocked down by a young man on a scooter. "She couldn't react, she didn't see him." Cristina is outraged by his recklessness and by the fact that he has seemingly shown no interest in how her mother is. "We don't ask for much more."

Witnesses say that the scooter rider was aged around 25 and that he kept repeating to the police that he had stopped. Given witness statements and reports, the matter is likely to end up in court.

Cristina, meanwhile, believes that "politicians have to be aware of what is happening and take some kind of action". "It's not right that these vehicles circulate in the same places where people walk."