Testing in Ibiza

Test rate down again, but still above a target of five per cent.

20-08-2021Marcelo Sastre

Friday's report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 283 new positive cases of coronavirus, 48 fewer than on Thursday. The test rate is 5.68%, lower than Thursday's 6.74%. There are 225 new cases in Mallorca, 39 in Ibiza, 18 in Minorca and one in Formentera. On Thursday, the numbers were Mallorca 260, Ibiza 50, Minorca 18, Formentera three.

The seven-day test rate in the Balearics has fallen from 6.28% to 6.00%. The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics has dropped from 505.7 to 481.9; in Mallorca from 477.0 to 456.6. On the other islands - Minorca down from 338.8 to 333.5; Ibiza down from 789.7 to 734.4; Formentera down from 428.4 to 394.8. The seven-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is down from 199.91 to 195.30.

For the 14-day incidence by age group, the decreases have been particularly marked for the 16-29 and 30-39 groups. At the start of August, the 16-29 incidence was 2,582.86; for 30-39, 1,374.41. The figures are now: Under-16, 599.15 (down from 633.69 on Thursday); 16-29, 766.63 (from 800.72); 30-39, 575.78 (607.07); 40-49, 424.40 (442.35); 50-59, 314.84 (335.95); 60-69, 289.17 (309.65); over-70, 256.81 (up slightly from 256.04).

On hospital wards, the number of Covid patients in Mallorca has fallen by a further eleven to 174. There are three fewer patients in Ibiza (58) and also three fewer in Minorca (eight). In intensive care in Mallorca, the number of Covid patients is down one to 61. There is one more patient in Ibiza (13) and there is no change in Minorca (three). The ICU Covid occupancy rate remains 22.5%.

Primary care is attending to 8,370 people in the Balearics, a decrease of 434. The number in Mallorca is 6,174, down 315.

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 93,514 cases. The ministry has reported no more deaths - the total is 895.

Vaccination - 806,309 people have had at least one dose (77.9% of the target population); 635,530 in Mallorca. With the complete course - 734,972 people (71%); Mallorca 575,234.


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Dave m / Hace 5 months

Encouraging numbers indeed.