The yellow lines are not having a deterrent effect. | Maria Nadal


A familiar problem and one that was meant to have been addressed, but clearly has not been. Parking for the popular Cala Varques in Manacor has been an issue for years, and solutions adopted by the Council of Mallorca last summer are proving not to be solutions.

There is a lack of parking, and so the problem of uncontrolled parking repeats itself summer after summer. On Friday, as can be seen in the accompanying photo, cars were parked on yellow lines on the main road that serves Cala Varques - the Portocolom to Porto Cristo road.

In 2015, Manacor town hall prohibited parking on the access road (just a lane) to the cove and in 2018 installed a barrier to prevent vehicles going along this road. This led to even more cars being parked on the main road than was already the case and therefore heightened safety concerns because of people crossing the road.

The Council of Mallorca's roads department painted the yellow lines last summer. These haven't had the desired deterrent effect, albeit that drivers will find they get tickets when the police have a blitz on the parking.