Twenty-one new cases in Minorca. | Josep Bagur Gomila

The Saturday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 284 new positive cases of coronavirus, one more than Friday. The test rate is 5.75%; it was 5.68% on Friday. There are 239 new cases in Mallorca, 21 in Ibiza, 21 in Minorca and three in Formentera. On Friday, the numbers were Mallorca 225, Ibiza 39, Minorca 18, Formentera one.

On hospital wards, the number of Covid patients in Mallorca is down by another eight to 166. There are nine fewer patients in Ibiza (49) and four fewer in Minorca (four). In intensive care in Mallorca, the number of Covid patients is down another one to 60. There are no changes in Ibiza (thirteen patients) or Minorca (three). The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down from 22.5% to 22.2%.

Primary care is attending to 7,964 people in the Balearics, a decrease of 406. The number in Mallorca is 5,817, down 357.

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 93,514 cases (this figure has not been updated from Friday). The total number of deaths is 895.

Vaccination - 807,646 people have had at least one dose (78.04% of the target population); 636,586 in Mallorca. With the complete course - 739,605 people (71.47%); Mallorca 579,076.

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* The ministry doesn't update incidence rate reports at the weekend.