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The Balearic government has for now put on hold making the Digital Covid Certificate a requirement to enter gyms and for sports training. It had been announced that there would be this requirement as from next month, but the government first wants opinion from the Balearic High Court.

Tourism minister and government spokesperson Iago Negueruela said on Monday that "we will wait to see what the high court says before making decisions". This means that, for the time being, there is also no development on the certificate being a requirement for entering bars, restaurants or clubs.

Negueruela added that the government is in favour of this, as is the nightlife sector, which continues to be seriously affected by Covid restrictions. Apart from nightlife, which sees the certificate as a means of being able to have some return to normality, other sectors have raised their doubts.

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The minister acknowledged on Monday that there had been no prior agreement with business or unions regarding the certificate for gyms and training, explaining that there will be "analysis with other sectors as to whether it is implemented or not". The Balearic government is in favour of there being a national regulatory framework so that decisions by regional governments are not subject to the rulings of regional high courts or the Supreme Court in Madrid.

In this regard, the Balearic High Court has been asked for its authorisation to make the certificate (or negative tests) a requirement for attending major sporting or cultural events and for entering care homes for the elderly.

This measure is already in force, but the government has decided to request authorisation in view of rulings by the Supreme Court. The government's attorney's office has recommended that the high court be consulted.