The restoration is badly needed. | Gori Vicens

The Ports IB regional ports authority is to prevent parking over the old fishermen's boatsheds in Portocolom. A technical report has warned that the boatsheds are at risk of collapsing. There are serious structural problems, and the advice is to prevent pedestrians as well as vehicles.

This coming Monday (August 30), the ports authority will position large stones in order to block the access. There is in any event a project for restoring the boatsheds, and so installing the stones is also an aspect of this. Parking in the Riuet area had already been prohibited, but the authority says that it has continued and that the area has also been used for loading and unloading.

The project was announced at the end of 2020. Seven million euros are to be invested in the restoration. Some drafting of the project has yet to be completed. This concerns rehabilitation of the dry docks and general improvements to the port.