Playa de Palma, Mallorca. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


The Balearic Environment Commission has again told the Consell de Mallorca not to authorise new tourist places in places, such as Magalluf and s’Arenal, which are already saturated.

The Environment Commission ordered the suspension when it approved the Intervention Plan in Tourism Areas, which is the legal framework that defines the urban and tourist model for Mallorca in the coming years. This was a prescription from the Environment Commission and is mandatory.

The Consell de Mallorca did not transpose it in its exact terms when approving the PIAT, but established that urban planning could not incorporate revisions or modifications that would lead to an increase in tourist places.

Instead of suspending the granting of new places, the Consell issued a ban on them and ruled that tourist spaces can only be marketed for 60 days a year. But that moratorium will no longer exist when the Council approves the tourism rehabilitation plans for mature or saturated areas.

Medi Ambient’s justification for ordering the suspension, is that it would result in greater saturation, more water consumption, a higher volume of wastewater, more waste generation and mobility problems.

The Environment Commission has called on the Consell to establish a moratorium through the revision of the Insular Territorial Plan, which was launched a few months ago.

The Government says it doesn’t believe that the Consell de Mallorca wanted to ignore its opinion, but misinterpreted it.