What might these projects be? | R.F.


Last week on these pages, I drew attention to a meeting between Alcudia town hall and Council of Majorca representatives to discuss active and nautical tourism and means of extending the tourism season. The Council has been back in town, and this time there were representatives from other town halls as well.

The mayors of Muro, Pollensa and Santa Margalida were all in attendance. The aim, according to the Council’s councillor for tourism, Andreu Serra, was to consider a “single strategic project that helps in the promotion of higher quality and product diversification”. Yes, the same old themes as have been discussed for years, plus tackling seasonality of course.

There won’t actually be just the one project, as there will be joint projects, the statement from the Council rather confusingly read. These will take into account the “singularities” of each of the municipalities in the area, this area being the bay of Alcudia plus the bay of Pollensa.

Hoteliers will be involved with these joint projects, and they will - it is hoped - benefit from EU Next Generation funds. Pretty much everything at present has a Next Generation funds context. What might these projects be? Environmental, such as ornithological, was name-checked.

Albufera, Albufereta (with its newly formed small islets for birds) and the interpretation centre at La Gola are all part of this. Cultural was mentioned. Advantage can be taken of Alcudia and Pollensa having joined the Spanish “most beautiful villages” network. And then there is also active tourism, which includes nautical.

Basically, therefore, things which already exist in their varying degrees of promotion. But the Next Generation funds offer potential for much greater promotion, while - to quote Maria José Aguiló of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation - “the opportunity represented by these funds needs a joint vision and supra-municipal cooperation in order to develop these major axes of tourist product and to allow us to take advantage of available resources in maximising results and achieving the economic transformation that our destination needs”.

In not so many words, where have we heard all this before? This time, things may be different. The EU is funding. Hopefully.