Representatives of businesses and residents on Tuesday. | Pimeco


Retail associations, bar and restaurant associations, residents associations - they were all represented on Tuesday in a joint display of discontent with Palma town hall.

They are all signatories to a letter sent to the mayor, José Hila, in which they complain about the lack of dialogue shown by the town hall on issues such as infrastructure, cleanliness and changes in mobility. "This way of doing politics in an arrogant and haughty way" does not wash with the citizens. They criticise that they have never been listened to.

They are demanding that Hila sacks the councillor for mobility, Francesc Dalmau, considered to be the "worst councillor" Palma has ever had. The situation in the city is untenable, and a radical change in municipal policies is needed. The economy is being affected, and "they don't listen and don't want to meet with us".

In their letter, they remind Hila that before he became mayor, Palma was one of the best places in the world to live. It has now become the third worst city. "We are ashamed of the city. It is totally abandoned, dirtier and grimier than ever, with more graffiti than ever, with a very poor public transport service, with a lack of parking. There is disastrous maintenance of the pavements, meaning regular accidents, while there are prohibitions of all kinds and fines that only have the objective of raising revenue."