Tiles missing from pavement in Carrer Martín Ros García, Magalluf.

Tiles missing from pavement in Carrer Martín Ros García, Magalluf.


The Association of Employers and Workers of Calvia has accused the City Council and the owners of some premises in Magalluf of letting the area go to rack and ruin.

Emytra claims the facades of commercial properties that have been closed all season are deteriorating and says the owners have done nothing to prevent dirt accumulating outside the buildings.

Weeds in Carrer Pinada, Magalluf.

The Association is referring to Carrer Martín Ros García and Carrer Pinada, where a large number of tiles have come off the pavements and weeds are growing out of control.

"This gives the area a very bad image and makes it dangerous for pedestrians," warns Emytra Chairman, Diego Belmonte.

A few days ago Hotel Associations in Calvia warned Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez that in order to change the tourism business model in Magalluf, it’s crucial to improve the urban environment through better infrastructure and services, more street cleaning and improved public safety.


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Mark / Hace 4 months

Good to see that the tourist tax enhances the tourists comfort and safety... lol


Johnp / Hace 4 months

It's a shambles in magaluf, a place that's pulled in mega money from tourists and been neglected without a doubt. Needs the same works carried out as palmanova has had.


Andrew Rauch / Hace 4 months

Take a look at Carrer Góngora!! That road around the back of Magaluf has been beyond a mess for close on 10 years now. EVERY time it rains the road is totally flooded. It is so overgrown it is dangerous to even walk down that street. I have on a number of occasions written to Cavia about resolving this as our children cycle down that road to school. Absolutely no attempt has been made to make any form of repairs or even to bother to reply to my requests. It is a disgrace. Same goes for my constant request for the pavement to be extended a mere 300 meters from Cala Vinyes to Sol de Mallorca. These requests also ignored. It is just a matter of time that someone is run over on these roads.


Mr B / Hace 4 months

It's not the pavements that give Magalluf a bad name!. All it needs is a few insurance claims against the council for tripping hazards to repair the pavements. Ps, while you are repairing the pavements, start pulling down the ugly shops!