Guardia Civil & German Police Officers during raids in Mallorca. | A. Sepúlveda


At least a dozen people have been arrested in Mallorca by German Polizei investigators and the Guardia Civil in connection with an alleged international multi-million-euro online fraud that stretches throughout Europe.

Fake websites in countries all over Europe have allegedly scammed people out of around 50 million euros.

A former National Police Officer and his wife who are amongst those being investigated have both refused to testify before the Guardia Civil. Their home in Costa de la Calma in Santa Ponsa was searched by Officers on Wednesday.

The bulk of the fraud was committed in Germany, but there are ramifications in several European cities, including Palma and Calvia.

Nine offices and homes were searched by the Guardia Civil who seized computer equipment and documents during the raids.

Investigators are examining alleged money transfers, money laundering and fraudulent investments made through the fake internet pages, but their analysis could take months.

A multitude of emails and messages between those allegedly involved in the scam have also been intercepted.

German Police Officers and Prosecutors who came to Mallorca earlier this week are expected to return to Berlin in the coming days.