Presentation for the Bicipalma renewal on Thursday. | Ajuntament de Palma


Palma town hall is to undertake a total renewal of the Bicipalma service and to also expand it to fifteen new districts. The responsibility of the SMAP municipal agency for car parking management, initial contracting for this overhaul will start this month. There is to be spending of 2.64 million euros plus an annual charge of 78,400 euros for new software. It is anticipated that the renewal will be completed by next summer.

The service, which is now ten years old, currently attracts some 3,250 users. The project will see the service going beyond the Via Cintura and including electric bikes. New Bicipalma stations will become available in the likes of Portopí, El Terreno, Son Armadams, Son Rapinya and Son Gotleu. There will be stations next to the Son Moix and Son Hugo sports facilities. There will also be reinforcement of the service in districts such as Santa Catalina.

The entire Bicipalma fleet is to renewed, and there will be 800 new bikes, 30 per cent of which will be electric and assisted. The overhaul will allow registration, which currently requires the use of the citizen card, to be carried out through a new website and app.