More migrants so far this year than in the whole of 2020. | Periódico de Ibiza


Parliamentary spokesperson for the opposition Partido Popular, Toni Costa, said on Monday that there can be no doubt about the existence of a migratory route from north Africa to the Balearics. In light of the "avalanche" of migrant boats at the weekend, Costa accused the Spanish government of having abandoned the Balearics.

"The PP have been warning what was going to happen for months, but no one has done anything to prevent it. The neglect of the Sánchez government, in collusion with the Armengol government, has been a disgrace."

Also disgraceful, in Costa's view, is how migrants arriving in the Balearics are treated. "An advanced society cannot have migrants sleeping in an underground car park." He demanded that the Balearics are recognised as a first border line within the European Union. "This would imply having sufficient human and material resources for border control."

Costa added there have to be resources in order to be able to assist all migrants "with dignity". "If a temporary reception centre has to be created, then this should be done, but the PP are against creating a Centre for the Internment of Foreigners."