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The Thursday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 79 new positive cases of coronavirus - 51 in Mallorca, 24 Ibiza, three Minorca and one Formentera. Wednesday's 42 cases were Mallorca 32, Ibiza four, Minorca four, Formentera two.

The test rate for these 79 cases is 1.52%. The Wednesday rate was 1.53%.

The number of Covid patients on hospital wards in the Balearics is down five from Wednesday to exactly 100 - Mallorca 75 (down six), Ibiza 21 (up one), Minorca four (no change). In intensive care there are no changes to the numbers of Covid patients - 33 in Mallorca and six in Ibiza. The ICU Covid occupancy rate remains 11.44%.

Primary care is monitoring 1,522 people in the whole of the Balearics, a decrease of 153; 1,171 in Mallorca, a decrease of 90.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 98,818 cases and 957 deaths - the ministry has confirmed two more deaths.

As to the vaccination programme, 845,354 people in the Balearics have been vaccinated at least once (81.69% of the target population); 666,194 in Mallorca. With the complete course, there are 821,834 people in the Balearics (79.41%) and 646,739 in Mallorca.

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* Incidence rate figures haven't been updated today.