The National Police are in charge of the investigation. | Archive


Although there has yet to be official confirmation, initial investigations into an incident on Wednesday that resulted in Manacor police officers firing three shots point to this having been justified.

The National Police's homicide squad is in charge of investigating the incident that occurred around 5.30pm at a property on the road to Porto Cristo. There were several calls to the emergency services about a 37-year-old man who had ingested a large number of pills and was acting in an aggressive manner.

Medics sought to calm the man down, but he emerged from the property dragging his partner by the neck and brandishing a knife. The woman was screaming that he was going to kill her. At one point, he tripped and the woman managed to free herself. With the knife still in his hand, one of the medics and a police officer were then backed into a situation where it appeared as if their lives were at risk. Other officers repeatedly shouted at the man to drop the knife. He didn't, and officers fired three times - twice in the leg and once in the stomach.

He underwent emergency surgery at Manacor Hospital and was transferred to intensive care at Son Espases.