Quarantine rules in Primary School. | CAIB


The Ministry of Health & Education has changed the quarantine rules in schools.

Primary School students who’ve had close contact with someone who’s infected with Covid-19 and those who’ve not used their mask properly, will be quarantined for 10 days.

The entire group will be given PCR tests within the first 48 hours and if anyone else proves positive, they will all have to quarantine.

Health Minister, Patricia Gómez and Education Minister, Martí March believe there’s a need to improve the quarantine process, taking into account, interaction, the use of masks and unvaccinated students.

If a child in an Infant or Special Education group tests positive, the entire group will be quarantined for 10 days.

The changes will come into force after they are published in the BOIB on Tuesday, October 5, but will not affect students already in quarantine.

Some operational changes have also been introduced at nursery schools and primary schools this year, which allow students to move around and interact within their group, whereas last year they had to stay in their places in the classroom.