The controversial signs at Palma airport. | @jcamposasensi

An argument has broken out about how passengers are being treated at Palma airport.
Vox yesterday accused the Balearic government of “singling out and segregating” passengers at controls by separating them on the grounds of whether they have been vaccinated or not.

The controversy over the separation came to light over the weekend when a passenger took to social media and posted an image showing two signs indicating the two different routes to take depending on whether a passenger has been vaccinated or not.

The leader of Vox, Jorge Campos, yesterday called the move “intolerable” and claimed that it is a way of “singling out and segregating passengers”, while also suggesting that some people may have chosen to ignore health regulations and opted to not get vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health argues that this measure is intended to “facilitate and speed up” the arrival of passengers and avoid crowds in the aisles when they get off the plane and when numerous flights coincide at the same time.

“There is no intention to discriminate against anyone, but simply to facilitate the process,” the government said.