scooter crackdown.


Electric scooter riders were caught by surprise this morning when the Local Police threw up a snap control on the Paseo Mallorca in Palma yesterday morning.

According to the Local Police, 25 Partial Mobility Vehicles (PMV), as they are officially called, were stopped and checked during the operation.

In addition, during the month of September, officers checked 170 PMVs, of which 87 riders were fined.

During the operation, scooters and bicycles were checked and breathalyser tests were carried out.

The aim of these tests was to raise awareness of the correct use of scooters after having detected drivers of this type of vehicle under the influence of alcohol in previous controls.

The fines were issued for various reasons such as not wearing a reflective jacket or using headphones.

In yesterday’s checkpoint, a VMP was also seized by the police after it was found to have been customised so that it could go faster and exceed the speed limit.

A dozen officers took part in the operation which is part of an on-going campaign to ensure that electric scooter riders know what the rules and regulations are and that they comply with them.

Over the next few days and weeks various other parts of the city centre are going to be targeted as the crackdown continues.