Train drivers not happy with the government. | Archive


The works council at the SFM rail operator is demanding that the projected tram service in Palma is operated directly by SFM and not externally.

Representatives of the workers recently met the minister of mobility, Josep Marí, to discuss European Next Generation funds and to ensure that the company and its passengers "are not left behind". However, the works council has expressed its "disappointment" at the outcome of this meeting.

Marí has been informed that the works council will lodge a strike notice with the arbitration and mediation tribunal on October 14, at which time a calendar of industrial action will be set out.

The SFM workers are critical of the intention to hand over the operation of the tram to private concessionaires rather than allowing the rail company to operate it. In their opinion, this "contravenes the public interest, that of the company and its workers, and represents a great slap in the face to users of current SFM lines".