Muro, overnight on Friday.


More has emerged about the massive, illegal street party ("botellón") in Muro overnight on Friday.

The number of people who flooded into the town has been put at 4,000. As was the case in Puerto Alcudia a month ago, there was publicity on social media that attracted young people from as far afield as Andratx.

Police were able to identify where groups were coming from, but the police numbers - four on duty on Friday night - were powerless to prevent what happened. Indicative of this was that a patrol car was surrounded and buffeted by crowds of people. The officers had to flee the scene amid insults and cans being hurled at their car.

From seven in the evening on Friday, cars started to be parked in the vicinity of the cemetery. A focal point for the gathering was the Carrer Germanies, which is near the health centre and indeed the police station.

A total of 72 calls were made by residents complaining about the noise from a street party that apparently degenerated into fights (as was the case in Puerto Alcudia) and left two young people needing to be treated for alcoholic coma.

Criticism has been levelled at Muro town hall for its apparent lack of response. By Friday afternoon, it was clear from social media that this large gathering was due to take place.