More green space in Palma. | Ajuntament de Palma


The new general urban plan for Palma will provide the city's blueprint for the next generation. The first revision in 23 years, the plan, that was presented last week ahead of the phase of public consultation, envisages a greener and more compact city.

In expanding the network of green corridors and parks, there are to be 2.2 million square metres more "free" space. A further environmental aspect of the plan will be the recovery of the dune system in Playa de Palma. This will be in order to adapt the coastline to climate change.

Front Marítim is a general scheme that covers the coast between the Moll Vell (port) and Portitxol. There is to be an opening of the Parc de la Mar lake to the sea, while a new breakwater is planned, as is an increase in the surface of the beach and a decrease in traffic lanes.

Parc Agrari is a scheme to enhance existing "rustic" land and make these a "pantry" for the city. This will apply to farming and cultivation in Pla de Sant Jordi and s’Horta de Dalt.

The tram, which the Balearic government intends to finance chiefly with European Next Generation funds, will run from the centre of the city (Plaça Espanya) to the airport and Playa de Palma; in the other direction it will go to Son Espases. A conservative estimate is for public transport journeys to increase from the current 14.5% to 21%. With the tram and further emphasis on the bus service and out-of-centre car parks, the increase may be greater.