The mayor with representatives of associations at the presentation for the fairs. | Juanjo Roig


Arrangements for the three pre-Dijous Bo fairs in Inca will be as close as possible to the "new normality". One of the main differences to previous years will be the amount of space that the fairs occupy in order to try and avoid crowds. The Plaça Mallorca, which has undergone redevelopment, will once more be the "nerve centre" for the fairs.

The first fair is over the weekend of October 23-24. This will be the Fira de la Terra, the fair of the land - artisan products, plants, falconry and such like. The Fira de l'Oci i de l'Esport (leisure and sport) will be October 30-31. This will feature, among other things, the LeatherFest Rock&Roll Festival, returning for its seventh staging at the General Luque Quarter. As it is All Saints on the Monday, there will also be a big flower market.

The third fair, November 6-7, is Fira d'Època i de l'Art, which basically means the hugely popular Mediaeval Market.

At a presentation for the fairs, the mayor, Virgilio Moreno, expressed his thanks for "everyone's involvement and responsibility in the return to normality" and a restart for Inca. "You are a very important part of the fairs and you contribute to keeping our town alive and strong."