Migrants detained in the area of Cala Egos, Santanyi. | Gori Vicens

From the early hours of Sunday morning, migrant boats started arriving in Balearic waters. By 11.20am, there were twelve boats with 203 migrants.

Six of the boats were intercepted in Mallorca, starting at just before 2am in Colonia Sant Jordi. The other boats in Mallorca were in the areas of Cala Figuera (Calvia), Portopetro, Cala Egos and the Ses Salines lighthouse.

The final two boats, with a total of 31 people, were intercepted at 11.20am in the Cabrera area.

In certain instances, the Maritime Safety Agency and the Guardia Civil had to undertake rescues. Thirteen people were picked up 45 miles south of Cala Figuera shortly after 2.30am. A second rescue - this time of eight people - was made in the same area around 45 minutes later.

Three rescues were required in the Cabrera archipelago - 13 people at 5.36am, 12 an hour later and then eleven at 7.40am.

On Saturday during the day, two boats were intercepted in Formentera.